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Business Consulting

Today’s business world is completely dependent on its computer infrastructure.  Whether your business has an in-house IT department or not, sometimes you need some outside help.

How sure are you that your network and all of its components are running at peak efficiency?  Is your IT department operating the way it should?  You may answer these questions with “Of course, my IT director says we’re in great shape!”  Businesses always double check their other departments, marketing, sales, staffing.  However, they rarely double check IT.

We at The Computer Doctor do many audits for businesses of all sizes.  We help you and your IT department find ways to be more efficient and address potential problems you may not have known you had.  Often times a fresh set of eyes can do wonders for your company!

With all the computers, printers, smart phones, tablets, etc utilized in your company, are you prepared for when it needs to be replaced?  Are you ready for all the new technology available today?  What about the technology of tomorrow?  Let us help put you on a common sense upgrade cycle.  Replacing a handful of systems on a regular basis keeps your company running smoothly, keeps you on the cutting edge, and helps prevent those “Oh No!” moments from happening when you realize the entire network is obsolete.  It also makes adopting new technology much easier when your company is ready for it.
So you’ve just decided on a massive upgrade to your business network, but your IT staff is completely overwhelmed with the number of systems to be deployed.  The new servers and firewalls require new knowledge to set up and tweak.  Or perhaps you just need a couple of systems replaced in a remote office and you don’t want to waste your IT department’s valuable time with it.  We at The Computer Doctor can handle all these needs and more for your company.

Is your computer network configured to comply with government and industry laws and rules?  Are your employees complying with all the rules as well?  We can help to ensure your systems and employees keep your company out of legal hot water.

Keep us in mind for all your consulting needs.  The Computer Doctor can serve all the above and more for your company.  We can even answer those one or two questions that may have been nagging you.  Whatever your needs are, we can help!

Managed Services

Are you tired of the constant breakdowns of your business network?  Frustrated with having to wait on the “computer guy” to show up just to push a couple of buttons?  Are you sure all your systems and anti-virus products are up to date?  When was the last time you tested or checked your backups?  Do you have a comprehensive disaster and recovery plan?

These problems and more are what led us to become major players in the Managed Services industry.  We can monitor and maintain all of your systems.  We can keep track of your backup systems, networking equipment, and printers.  We have most problems fixed within minutes, many times performing repairs remotely.  We usually know of, and have responded to, issues even before the user knows there was anything wrong.

If you’re worried about business continuity, concerned with having reliable systems, you need The Computer Doctor!  Let us ease your mind by taking care of your systems while you stay focused on business!

Cloud Services

There is a lot of talk out there about the “cloud”.  It sounds great, but what is it?  How can I utilize cloud technology in my business?  Should I be making use of the cloud?  The simplest definition of the “cloud” is “not here”.  It means that your data, programs, etc are hosted in a data center somewhere away from your business.  You’ve actually been using the cloud for years without even realizing it.  Every email you send, every Facebook post you make, every time you tweet, you’re using the cloud.

So how can you utilize the cloud in your business?  The possibilities are endless.  With our state of the art data center, we have become a serious provider of cloud technology.  We can host and manage your servers for you, eliminating the need for expensive on-site maintenance and keeping up with complicated systems.  Each day we allow users from many different business all over the country and beyond to securely log into their data in our data center.  With redundant data connections and regular upgrades to our bandwidth, we have become a constantly growing resource for our clients.  The Computer Doctor can provide anything from a simple desktop experience for your remote Quickbooks access all the way up to enterprise level remote server hosting.  And for those clients with greater needs, we are partners with Amazon, Microsoft, and several other cloud providers.  No longer will you have to deal with foreign support calls and “technicians” capable of nothing more than reading a script.  We are right here in Southern Illinois.  Call The Computer Doctor today to determine if your business can make better use of the “cloud”.

Other Services

The Computer Doctor offers all types of business technology services .  Here are just a few.

With the number of online threats appearing every day, you can never be too careful with your important business and personal data. Hackers, email scams, fake web sites asking you for vital information! The list goes on and on! We have specialists at The Computer Doctor who are here to make sure your business network is as secure as possible.
The Computer Doctor has provided structured cabling in many different environments in Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, Southern Indiana, Northeastern Arkansas and Western Kentucky and Tennessee.

We can meet all your cabling needs such as Ethernet, Fiber Optic, Coaxial, Phone, AV, and many specialty requirements.  Whether it’s just an extra Ethernet jack in your office or a complete installation in your new building, we are your solution!

Just about anyone with a notebook can pick up a cheap wireless router at a big box store and manage to get it installed.  However, are you sure it’s secure enough for your needs?  What if it doesn’t have the range you require?  We at The Computer Doctor can ensure you get the best equipment for your needs, and we make sure it’s secured to meet and exceed industry standards.
With the continued proliferation of High-Speed Internet service and other advances in technology, the days of the plain old telephone system are quickly coming to an end.  Contact The Computer Doctor today to discuss taking your business into the future with state of the art VOIP (Voice Over IP) systems.  Whether you have one or two phone extensions at your small office or hundreds spread out over multiple locations, we can help you find the best solution that meets your needs at an affordable cost.

On this site, are just a small sampling of our services.  Contact The Computer Doctor today to discuss all of your needs!

Medical Computing

The Computer Doctor has professionals on staff with great expertise in the medical industry.  Our company began by providing service to small clinics and practices in Southern Illinois.  We quickly grew to become the region’s foremost medical computing company.  We can handle all your needs from choosing the right EMR for your single-provider practice to providing complete managed solutions for your busy multi-provider clinic.